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Korean Carrots

Korean Carrots – a salad that made from finely chopped carrots, oil, garlic and various spices. It can be used as a stand-alone snack or as an ingredient in more complex main courses. Ingredients: Carrots, vinegar, corn oil, salt, garlic, sugar, coriander, black pepper, hot red pepper.

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Kabachkovaya Paste

This tasty Squash Spread is called Kabachkovaya Paste is a delicious and healthy vegetable paste (pure, sauce, dip) which is extremely popular in Russia. You can serve it cold or room temperature with fresh bread as a starter or as a side dish. Ingredients: Squash, bell peppers, onions, carrots, corn oil, salt, garlic, black pepper.

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Israel Salad

Israel Salad or  Babaganoush is a classic favorite dip made from just a few simple and ultra-flavorful ingredients.  This salad is richly flavored, a little smoky, and full of savory goodness. Ingredients: Eggplants, mayonnaise, salt, garlic, black pepper.